Robert L. Cunningham
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Robert L. Cunningham
Visual storyteller, author, and pilot. 
Foolish enough to bring a camera to a gunfight. 

Robert L. Cunningham

“You learn to get the shot you need fast, right, and on the first take when what you are shooting shoots back.”

-Robert L. Cunningham on running his camera in a war zone. 


Robert L. Cunningham is a visual storyteller who has operated cameras in over 27 countries around the world. With a background in photojournalism, Robert has lensed still and motion picture projects for several of the world’s largest media organizations, government agencies, museums, and institutions.

As a war correspondent, Robert spent six years travelling in and out of Afghanistan, documenting combat operations. To date, he has carried his cameras on 147 combat missions ‘outside the wire’. Robert teamed up with New York Times Bestselling author Steven Hartov to publish “Afghanistan: On the Bounce”, a photographic examination of the life of deployed U.S. service members.

Robert assisted in the development of curriculum, standards, and objectives for the Multimedia Technologies program at the East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, Arizona. Robert has been assisting in the development of courses related to film and digital capture photography, cinematography, visual communication, and image workflow. For five years, Robert served as the Chairman of the Multimedia Advisory Board, and he remains a member and a consultant for the institute's instructors.

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